Photoshopped Timeline – Myself

Hey! Welcome back!

In my last post, I explained my new personal project. Photoshopped Timelines.

I had begun by taking images of Rebecca from three of her graduations (High School, Undergrad, and Graduate) and putting them together in one photo to show the continued growth of an individual. I believe that through the eyes of the subject, Life is one big memory. These instances are sometimes recalled together because of the similarities in the memory.

I continued this idea with myself. Not only can ones memories be recalled together as one continuous memory, but life has its own continuity. I took 15 photos of myself and morphed them into a timeline video and created a photoshopped timeline as well.

All of them seem so happy to be taking this photo together. I wonder what they are thinking…

Photoshopped Timeline02


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Photoshopped Timeline

Today I decided that I would not end my day without doing a project. At first I thought that I would do an audio project, but after an hour or more of not really progressing I decided otherwise.

I had a project that I planned a while back- locked away for a rainy day. My idea was to take images of people at different stages of life and put them together in one image. I didn’t necessarily have any artsy reason for doing it, only that I want to do it. It was coming from a place of pure curiosity.

The original idea was to take photos of people as adults and as children and combining the images to make it look like the adult version is hanging out with the younger. (Simple enough, right?) Then it occurred to me after my wife graduated from her masters program that I could combine images of her from all of her graduations throughout her life.


The 3 most recent graduations


So far i have only collected images from her last few graduations, but I intend to collect the rest as soon as possible.

Version #1

Rebecca Graduation v1


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In Summary

Lately I have been on the move, with time to do small projects that either pop into my head or if someone gives me an interesting idea to play with. For example: Just today i was surfing YouTube when I came across a cute little acapella track. The (i believe Michigan State?) Acapella group “The Friars” were singing a Parody of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” that they titled “Beer Pong Wizard.” Interestingly enough, about 6 years back, when i was first beginning my quest into the wide world of video, a beer pong incident occured in the school where I was attending. Of course the students, making light of the situation, made a video.
Getting back to today: I took the footage that i still had from 6 years ago, coupled with some found footage from beer commercials, I attempted to make a music video- This is the beginning:

As I was saying (or writing) before I rudely took myself on a tangent. I have been on the move, and now that “life” is truly beginning for me these days I have been on a mission of self-betterment: “Operation: Get a job.”

So I went into my archives, which is really just two Western Digital phantom powered hard drives, and began to put together Demo Reels. So far I am up to the grand total of… two.¬† Which really isn’t that bad.

I followed a list provided by Premium Beat on key things to be aware of when making a demo reel and followed my own categories of work as I have defined in the menu bar (above) to make my work organized within the videos. the two videos which I have currently completed are for Cinematograhy (film) and Motion Graphics/ Animation. This will allow me to share specific skills with potential employers depending on the job I am applying for.


Motion Graphics/ Animation:

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Manhattan from the Air: July 16, 2014

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First half of 2014

Recently I have been working with a few different clients, all of whom are working in separate fields. A professional organizer, a teacher, and a childbirth educator.

The childbirth educator was working on obtaining a license and needed to fulfill a 6 class requirement. Her method was to hold the class as I would record from the back of the room. I learned alot about childbirth and caring for a newborn, but unfortunately due to the private nature of such a class, I cannot share the video online.

The teacher wanted to create a video series that could be used in-class and used as a tool to teach students about being inclusive. (Unfortunately access is by password request only)

The organizer herself is moving to Israel and using the website as her platform for her business. I am assisting her by filming and editing her film series on organizing someone who is making aliya (moving to israel)

Here is the first video in the series:

Personal note:

This was and is my motivation when choosing to get into video. Specifically non-fiction digital video. I am able to meet new people and learn about new things from an insiders perspective.

By comparison I am fairly new on the videographer scene. Although I would like to share as many of my completed products as possible, for many  different reasons I am unable to share them online for people to see my work.

Hopefully with more experience and further defining my craft, I will have more success.


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